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Continuity Spectrum provides consistent, professional billing and collections capabilities for the full range of course, certificate, conference, and product offerings in your organization.

One of the greatest advantages of the seamless integration in Continuity Spectrum is the consistency of the system's invoicing and collections features.

Every transaction, charge or refund, is tracked with an appropriate invoice to the correct billing entity, individual or organization.  When real-time payment is presented on the web or otherwise, funds are credited to the invoice line-item level, ensuring that each payment is applied exactly where it should be.

This level of accuracy permits a precise real-time view of outstanding invoices in any perspective.  Complete, precise statements of charges and credits for individuals or companies are obtainable instantly, with support readily available with a mouse click.

Credit card transactions are handled according to strict standards using industry-standard credit card gateway systems.  Correct implementation of those standards eliminates card number storage in your database while allowing reference-based refunds without requiring your customer to provide their card number again.

Aging analyses are readily available, and Continuity Spectrum's full integration permits quick contacts and accurate reporting to simplify collections activities.

Individuals can also view and pay their accounts on the web at any time, while Continuity also retains the ability to require payment before enrollment when required.


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