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Book, Product, and Service Sales are fully supported in Continuity Spectrum, whether associated with program offerings or standing alone.

When your organization needs to manage the inventory, pricing, and sales of books or products, Continuity Spectrum provides the solution.  Books and products can be associated with program offerings as either required or optional selections, and their stock status is continuously updated to ensure customers' orders are not placed if you cannot appropriately fulfill a backorder.

Books and products you offer can be browsed on the web, and a web shopping cart combines course enrollments, conference enrollments (including breakouts) and book or product purchases, allowing a single streamlined credit card payment for everything in the cart (or authorized billing, when applicable).

Continuity's product management capabilities allow book and product sales to be credited to different accounts than courses when necessary, and provide a real-time picture of items reaching re-order levels.

Bar-code scanning capability permits quick access to book and product records by new or old ISBN or UPC, and shipping support allows for custom interfaces to external shipping platforms.

The overall integration of these capabilities into the Continuity Spectrum environment streamlines the management of these activities and ensures that customers have comprehensive billing for all of the programs, products and services offered by your organization.



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