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Continuity Spectrum Capabilities

A few highlights

A complete, proven system with dozens of state-of-the-art business features found nowhere else: the only complete enterprise system designed exclusively for college and university continuing, executive, and professional education

Up-to-the-minute web listings of your current courses, certificate programs, conferences, and products; with instant updating for new and cancelled courses, display of seasonal offerings and upcoming offerings with in a adjustable rolling window around today’s date

Comprehensive e-commerce support, including simple rearrangement of web headings, support for affiliate discounts and e-coupons, unlimited browsing and shopping cart use with identification only upon checkout, marketing effectiveness tracking, flexible survey question support variable by course or conference, secure credit card handling, e-mailed registration confirmations, web purchase order support for companies and organizations, password security features, and much more

Custom web site capability for corporate or organization customers, showing in-house or other selected courses to the appropriate audience, while not showing them to the general public

Complete conference support, including breakout sessions in concurrent session groups with required and optional fees and survey question support, as well as an exclusive event registration capability for "conference portal" applications

Course and conference registrations on the web that are as easy as conventional registrations, with no retyping or importing, but including the ability to review incoming web registrations

One unified enterprise database, correctly normalized, that supports all of your customers (even 1 million plus) and your entire staff, whether 10 users or 500

Course by course detailed budgeting, with prototype budgets for each course, flexible budget categories and real-time updated financial performance of each course to facilitate planning and go/no go decisions

Extremely flexible budget roll-up capability, permitting the financial evaluation of groups of programs in any way you require

Complete catalog and brochure export capabilities, with variable catalog headings and flexible selection options

Concept to in-home marketing piece management for catalogs, brochures, flyers, and broadcast and print advertisements, including lead-time schedules to facilitate on-time, on-budget production

Dynamic mailing list creation with complete flexibility to create targeted lists based on any personal characteristics in the database

Accurate tracking of marketing program effectiveness, including requests for information, enrollments, direct revenue and even lifetime business resulting from each marketing effort

Automated brochure and catalog fulfillment from information requests

Comprehensive certificate program management, including advisory board and coordinator management, multiple completion tracks, required and elective courses and student certificate completion progress reports, even including equivalency exams

The most powerful system ever created for registration staff, including automatic early-registration, affiliate program and other discounts, group registrations with anonymous enrollments, wait listing, fee overrides, and confirmation receipts

Complete enrollment invoicing and payment receipt capabilities for individuals and organizations, with fee and payment tracking down to the course section level to facilitate first-day-of-course operations and accurate financial performance information

Complete daily receipt management, including batching by payment type and cashier and automatically created reports and output files by college/university accounts to credit or debit

Thorough course development support, with the ability to track preliminary, proposed, and approved courses and certificate programs, and automated notification and approval tracking

Company and organization tracking, including contacts, conversation tracking, interest areas, and even details of marketing support including newsletter publication details and brochure stack acceptance

Complete correspondence course support, including lesson tracking with barcode submission scanning, lesson grading, instructor payments by lesson (with timeliness incentives), and much more

Instant transcript and registration record printing for students

Automatic notification of key events to affected staff, including new course offerings and completed course proposals

Secure system logins, allowing supervisory features to be limited to appropriate staff members

Variable unit options, credit units or CEUs (including other professional units specialties), grade options, and prerequisites with automatic checking on both conventional and web registration

Chargebacks of marketing costs proportionally to courses and course groups

Support event tracking to allow appropriate staffing of first class days, labs, audio/visual setup, and other course events

Advanced survey question support for all customers or only customers in certain certificate or degree programs or classes, including correct database recording of multiple choice, true/false, date, currency, numerical or text responses

Systemwide interest area support to link courses, companies, potential students, marketing pieces and web visitors

Comprehensive instructor management, from linking potential instructors to new programs, through complete instructor contract creation and detail tracking including fixed, enrollment, and salary scale based payment agreements, to flexible batch instructor payments as contracts become eligible for payment

Course scheduling features with automatic conflict warnings, for an unlimited number of on-campus and off-campus locations

Product sales and inventory management, with website integration and barcode product scan support for streamlined physical inventories

Beyond these highlights of Continuity Spectrum, we encourage you to follow the links at the bottom for capabilities in specific areas of your operation.

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