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With Continuity Spectrum, you can meet the needs of your college or university environment while managing even the most complex conference.

Managing a conference in your world is significantly more complex than managing one in private industry.  Continuity Spectrum understands the realities of the university and college conference provider.

Budgets and financial results of your conference are correctly integrated, with conference instructor/speaker payments, revenue processing and billing seamlessly handled within Continuity.

When you set up a conference, you can set up as many concurrent session groups as you need, and breakout sessions without limitation. 

Continuity supports even the more subtle aspects of breakout session planning: sessions that span two or more session groups are correctly managed during the registration process.  You can create required or optional breakout session fees, as well as a variety of conference registration options, including "visible" discounts as well as "hidden" discounts that require web coupon codes.

CEU and contact hour tracking is provided for breakout sessions as well as for the entire conference, and the extremely flexible survey question support allows you to manage even complex registration processes easily--with every registrant response in your Continuity database for simple reference and reporting and every fee dollar correctly credited both to your conference revenue and the appropriate institution revenue account.

Best of all, Continuity's e-commerce component ensures that correct, complete registrations are submitted through the web registration process--no more hand coding of new web registration pages, spam-susceptible forms, rekeying, deletion of garbage or cross-referencing of financial activity.  And when it's time to offer the conference again, Continuity can copy the entire structure of the conference, including the transposition of breakout session dates, to give you as advanced a starting point as possible on the new one!

Your conferences, in all of their complexity, can be added to the same shopping cart as course offerings, or you can provide an express event registration option to cause a registrant to proceed directly through registration and payment for a single conference.  And conferences are supported through the corporate portals as well.

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