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Plexus Systems Corporation
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If your organization supports correspondence programs, Continuity Spectrum offers a unique range of features to assist you.

Among Continuity's customers are large university-affiliated programs that provide traditional correspondence programs to a range of customers.  Continuity includes integrated features for lesson tracking, lesson grading, and instructor management for these programs.

Support for barcode scanning these programs allows easy, efficient management of submitted lessons and tests, while instructor payment tracking allows payment incentives based on turnaround time for lessons and tests.

Lesson and test grade changes are recorded and retained for audit purposes, and instructor payment support for regrading of tests and lessons is included.

Continuity's implementation allows for on-line registration for individuals in these programs, including the ability for the unique questions required for enrollment to be answered as part of the web registration process.

The comprehensive inventory management features of Continuity ensure the accurate coordination of materials, both those generated in-house and sold as a convenience for your customers.

For the first time, easy integration of these programs into the wider range of offerings within your organization becomes a reality with Continuity Spectrum.





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