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Continuity Spectrum supports the crucial details you need to manage your Courses and Certificates efficiently.

Courses in Continuity are managed with a Master Course/Course Section model to allow compatibility with traditional campus course offerings, and Continuity Spectrum is built to support the full range of information you require.

Courses have a detailed meeting pattern with excluded dates, can be for credit, non-credit, contact hours, CEUs, and/or various professional unit types (including specialties), and can have enrollment limits and optional prerequisites.

The fee structure that Continuity Spectrum supports is extremely powerful, including early and late registration, an unlimited quantity of specified and general discounts (including group discounts), application limits and the ability to limit which discount options appear on the web and which require the customer to know a web coupon code or identifiable affiliation to obtain them.

Full survey question support is included, so all registrants for a course can be required or requested to provide their answers to enroll in the course either on the web or when a staff member handles a phone registration.

Instructor and instructor contract support is built in, ensuring that your resume information is always available, agreements are signed and returned when required and the details of payment for course instruction are accurately recorded.

Courses (as well as certificate programs) have Preliminary, Proposed, or Approved status to allow you to enter information into Continuity as a course is developed; you retain full control over the timing of public display of the course on the web, and the timing of registration.

A full range of enrollment lists, completion certificates, and other reports is included; you can always export enrollment data as needed.

Course sections can be copied from previous offerings, greatly simplifying the creation of new sections.

Certificate management allows the creation of multiple completion tracks with required and optional courses, and further supports automatic web display of these courses as they are offered, as well as seasonality displays when appropriate.  Advisory board membership is tracked, and the evolution of certificate requirements over time is recorded to ensure that participants' progress is accurately compared to the appropriate set of requirements.

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