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Continuity Spectrum provides full support for customized program offerings, as well as web portal capabilities that enable the staff of your corporate and organization customers to see the programs tailored to their needs.

Continuity's powerful custom program support allows you to create the structure of a custom program from scratch, or begin with the framework of a previous public or custom offering to speed the process.

Custom program planning in Continuity begins at the idea stage, allowing you to define program structure, develop budget projections and share corporate relationship information with your custom program team.

This creates a seamless transition when the program is accepted, as the development work does not have to be reentered into the system.  Continuity supports both flat-fee and per-participant billing structures, and shows budget vs. actual financial status in real time.

When you develop a relationship with a company or organization, you can choose to create a web portal that shows only the programs (custom or public) pre-authorized for enrollment for employees or staff, and web purchase order support allows companies and organizations to allow a pre-set maximum dollar amount for authorized participants to be aggregated for billing.

Continuity's detailed company and organization information views allow you to see all related activity, including enrollments, invoicing and payment activity, as well as journal entries for dialogue with corporate/organization representatives, ensuring that all of your contacts with these representatives are consistent and accurate. 



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