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Continuity Spectrum provides an unparalleled wealth of information to support your CRM requirements.

Continuity tracks your relationships from the initial moment of contact between your organization and a prospect.  The marketing/outreach activity to be credited with the acquisition of a prospect is recorded in every information request and enrollment, whether it be in-person, by phone, mail, or fax, or as a result of a web session.

Continuity's comprehensive database allows every member of your staff to be responsive to a prospect's or customer's needs through an accurate view of the relationship.  Previous marketing efforts, information requests, and enrollments are presented in a unified way, and journal entries reflecting conversations with the client (and other members of the client's company or organization) ensure that your staff has the information they need to provide consistent, helpful responses.

When you wish to communicate with prospects and customers with targeted interests or affiliations, Continuity's powerful outreach management lets you quickly query the database for the appropriate recipients of e-mail or print pieces, then track the results from each audience group selected to determine the relative effectiveness (in information requests or enrollments) of that outreach by targeted group.  Continuity also presents the dollar-value effectiveness of outreach activity both on an enrollment basis and on the basis of the lifetime business of customers originally generated from each outreach activity.

Simple viewing of enrollment activity affiliated with each company or organization you wish to track highlights opportunities for custom programs or custom pricing for those organizations; Continuity's custom program, web portal and web coupon support facilitates their delivery.

Over time, your Continuity Spectrum database becomes an unparalleled wealth of information on the needs and requirements of your individual and corporate customers, and an unparalleled asset in your efforts to develop your relationships for mutual benefit.

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