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With Continuity Spectrum you can bring nearly every aspect of your operation into a single, unified system.

Continuity Spectrum views the development of courses, certificate programs, and conferences as an integral part of your business.  Long before a course is offered or a conference run, Continuity allows detailed budgeting and the tracking of expenses accrued, facilitates the creation and tracking of marketing campaigns and their associated chargebacks, and provides a single set of accurate information.

Every part of your operation has the access they need to support your offerings; the information that is added to the Continuity database is used by the program and conference staff, in the marketing efforts, by the registration staff, and in the operation of the program, as well as being appropriately displayed in your web environment.

As approvals are required, all pertinent information about the offering is found in the Continuity Spectrum tabset for the course or conference, allowing go/no go decisions to be made effectively. 

As a dean or director, you have the ability to "roll-up" the financial information at any time on any basis, including a selection of individual courses or groups of courses, to assess operating and projected cashflows.  At any time you can "drill down" to examine the operation of particular courses or conferences.

The creation of consistent budgets and revenue targets across every type of course and conference that you offer demystifies their profitability.

Continuity Spectrum offers an array of support for each aspect of your organization, ensuring that now and in the future your staff can work together to most effectively meet the needs of your diverse individual, corporate and organization customers.  For more information, click on the links below.

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