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If you are an entrepreneurial unit of a college or university, you are constantly frustrated by the limitations of your business systems.

Handling the development, financial management, marketing, registration, and billing for your courses, conferences, products and services while existing within the limitation of your institution's systems wastes your people's energy, saps their creativity and destroys their motivation.

Continuity Spectrum was created in your world, working within the requirements of a large program of a major state university, to eliminate the barriers of inadequate systems-to empower your people.

Each year, great university and college programs join the Continuity family.  All of them had a hodgepodge of systems, spreadsheets and registration software, purchased and built, to attempt to address their needs.  Their experiences, ideas, and dreams have helped Continuity 2000 evolve into today's Continuity Spectrum.

Continuity Spectrum provides the correctly designed, comprehensive, and well organized database platform to rationally integrate their operations.  It allows a unit to operate seamlessly, from course and conference development to web marketing and registration; from detailed course-level budgeting to real-time financial results.

The open database allows your data to be exported into any format your university systems can import; the open web pages allow you to customize your customers' e-commerce experience to your institution's look and feel.

And the common business platform you'll share with many of the world's largest college and university business units ensures stability in an environment of innovation.

We invite you to explore this web site to learn more, and wish you success with your programs!

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