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Give your organization the powerful, integrated e-commerce capabilities trusted by many of the largest university units.

If your current database treats its web presence as an afterthought, your organization's ability to thrive in today's environment is severely hampered.

Continuity Spectrum treats your web presence as a dynamic part of your operation, completely integrated into your course development and marketing efforts, and with registration capabilities that support the full complexity of your programs.

Since Continuity is designed to support intricate fee structures (including web coupons), certificate programs and conferences (including breakout sessions) throughout, their presence on the web reflects their up-to-the-minute status.  Required and optional courses, as well as seasonality of certificate program offerings are always shown accurately, and full conference registration including complicated breakout enrollments are supported through correctly implemented dynamic server pages.

Need to change the details of fee offerings, discounts, courses, certificates, or conferences?  With Continuity Spectrum, your changes are reflected immediately on the web, with no disconnect between your in-house operations and the information presented to the world.

With Continuity's web heading driven environment, you can easily change the ways courses are presented to reflect developments in the popular media, as well as feedback from prospects and participants. 

Your web staff is given the freedom to concentrate on the presentation (look and feel) aspects of your web presence, utilizing standard stored procedures included with Continuity to reliably support the data interfaces with the Continuity Spectrum database.  Never again does web redesign require an equally complex effort to hand-code SQL queries that are provided in standard form.

Continuity Spectrum frees your web staff to focus on the work that brings the most value to your organization by eliminating the enormous effort required to reinvent an enterprise database. 

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