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From detailed course and conference budgeting to detailed chargebacks: you've never seen a financial system like Continuity Spectrum

Our customers run some of the most dynamic and innovative businesses on their university campuses, but before they adopted Continuity as their enterprise system, the financial systems they used were rarely adapted to the structure--and requirements--of those operations.

One of the key elements of the Continuity Spectrum design philosophy is the necessity of managing, in real time, the financial aspects of courses, certificates, and programs that require profitability to continue, while simultaneously making the resulting data available in the ways required by campus financial systems.

Continuity supports an innovative, course-level budgeting structure that gives program managers the ability to see their financial performance in real time, against the budget they created.  It provides the capability for real-world yield management of courses through targeted web-coupon promotions that provide near-immediate results to the bottom line--a bottom line that is always available for decision making.

The impacts of marketing on client development and course financial performance are seen directly in Continuity, and chargebacks of marketing costs are provided to easily distribute them to the courses and course groups they benefit.

Instructor contracts and their payment agreements are managed within the system, and batched processing of their payment authorizations results from integration with the registration levels and progress of courses.

Powerful budget "roll-up" features are provided to see the larger picture; even as individual programs are effectively managed so perspective is available through any desired aggregation.

Through a unique database structure, the information gathered in each area of the business through day-to-day operations is leveraged to provide the information campus financial systems require without time-consuming re-entry and spreadsheet compilation.

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