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What you need to become a Continuity Spectrum partner

While Continuity Spectrum offers a tremendously powerful business environment for your unit, the most important requirement for its successful implementation is the willingness of your staff to invest the effort required to transition from your current systems.

To help you determine if that effort is worthwhile, we'll visit you at your site and spend a full day with you.  You'll explain your needs and help us understand your environment.  We'll show and discuss Continuity Spectrum in detail, using your courses and/or conferences as examples, so you can see the screens and capabilities you would experience daily with Continuity in a context that makes sense.

We'll answer your questions honestly, we'll tell you what won't work, and we won't pressure you.  If it doesn't look like a good partnership, we'll part as friends.

If there seems to be a good fit, we'll return for one or two days to explore the system in greater depth and have a more detailed discussion.  You'll have the opportunity for your staff to have their questions answered--whether it's about an especially challenging program registration, an ambitious marketing plan, behind-the-scenes technical issues, or anything in between.  At the end, we'll both know if Continuity Spectrum makes sense for you.

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