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Plexus Systems Corporation
celebrating over two decades of service to colleges and universities

What if we all could benefit from innovative ideas, rather than having to build a custom system by ourselves?

How elegant does a system need to be to not reinvent it?

How powerful can it be without outdated infrastructure?

How intuitive can it be if the ideas of users are routinely integrated to benefit everyone?

These were the questions we asked back in 1995.  The company, Plexus Systems Corporation, reaches back further.

Plexus Systems was founded in 1989 with the mission of matching emerging relational database and networking technologies to existing business needs in a variety of public and private sector companies.  The early years of the company saw it earn the trust of many prominent organizations, including two of the largest transportation engineering companies in the world: Sverdrup Corporation and Parsons Brinckerhoff.  Plexus was selected to implement the first Novell local area network deployed in the Sverdrup offices, and was also the vendor of choice for LAN implementation and software support at Parsons Brinckerhoff in Santa Ana, California.  Plexus also participated in the development of the Windows NT standard desktop design and deployment methods for the 80,000 workstations at Pacific Bell.  Other key customers in the early years included IBM and Charles Schwab.

Continuity Spectrum was created as the first enterprise system built to support the full range of requirements of large entrepreneurial college and university units.

In 1995, no one had attempted to imagine what a visionary enterprise database for these units could be, much less successfully build one using only modern tools, but we had a unique opportunity.

The combination of a leading large state university program with a need, our years of experience, and the resources required for development being available from our successful history of completed projects would give us the chance to do it right.

We began with the most detailed analysis of a 100+ staff continuing education environment ever conducted, allowing each staff member to detail their operations, as well as their dreams for an enterprise system that could be a help to them individually as well as to their organization.

But only our commitment to several key principles would result in today's Continuity Spectrum, and our customer base of many of the leading programs in college and university education.

  • Partnership.  We work together with our customers to provide a common, reliable, responsive system that understands the challenges of the college and university environment and allows you to thrive in it.
  • Open, state-of-the-art, correct database design.  A properly scoped relational system avoids design dead-ends.
  • Innovation, not customization.  We refuse to profit from creating nonstandard implementations.  The new business requirements that we have encountered in the decade of Continuity's growth have been engineered into improvements in the core system used by all.
  • Strategically prioritized customer enhancements, not profligate sales teams or extravagant marketing, have command over corporate resources. Technical resources others invest into RFP responses is invested building enhancements to Continuity Spectrum that our customers need.  Referrals of satisfied partners to institutions who need a system that works now--not years from now (if ever) compensates.

The result of placing our customers' needs first is the Continuity Spectrum system of today.  Learn more with the links on this page.

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