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Marketing your programs in the continuously changing environment is a challenge that Continuity Spectrum understands--and facilitates throughout your organization.

In traditional registration systems (to say nothing of most main campus system implementations) the understanding of the requirements of marketing in your business is like a very small tail on very large dog.

Continuity Spectrum was designed with features for every aspect of the marketing effort required to support your business.

From the initial request for marketing support for a program, the schedule and budget for that support is created in Continuity, allowing for program manager buy-in to costs and critical deadlines.  Progress of the marketing effort is tracked in the system, and chargebacks of marketing expenses are created on a fixed amount or percentage basis to individual courses or course groups.

Customer inquiries, via web, phone, or mail, are integrated into the Continuity database, linking prospect interests to current and upcoming offerings and facilitating tracked follow-up.

The Continuity database provides comprehensive, flexible query support for outreach to prospects and customers in the database, and allows for effective tracking of respondents on both a inquiry and resulting business basis.

The ability to visualize connections of individual prospects and clients to organizations they have affiliations with encourages effective cross-marketing of programs, including custom programs;  tracking of those marketing efforts informs your staff of previous contacts, ensuring that relationships are productive,  not intrusive.

And comprehensive interest area-based linking of individuals with your program offerings and marketing efforts insures that the appropriate message is received by interested recipients.

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