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Finally, registration capabilities that have the intelligence to encompass the details of your programs, while providing the power you require in the real world.

Continuity Spectrum understands the complexities of the programs you offer, and includes the details that allow registrations to be done correctly and efficiently.

In a world where web registrations play an steadily increasing role, it is more important than ever that your registration staff be equipped with the power to assist both web registrants and phone, mail, and fax registrants with a system that provides accurate, appropriate, and up-to-date information.

Your registration staff has access to a superset of the capabilities of web registrants.  While web registrations are limited to ensure that customers can enroll in the ways appropriate to their identity, in-house registration staff are given capabilities to override fees and enrollment limits that are appropriate to their position.

All information received through web registrations is correctly recorded in the database, eliminating the need to reenter information obtained from web customers.  Data integrity is retained by requiring new web customers to successfully complete their credit card payment before their enrollments are recorded.

Full support is provided for early and late registration fees, required and optional fees for products, services, and breakout sessions.  When a program requires that specific questions be answered, Continuity presents only those questions appropriate to the enrollments at hand to the registration staff.

Throughout the registration process, all supporting information about a program, certificate, conference, book or product is available to the registration staff.  Integrated credit card handling using industry-standard processing ensures that card numbers are not retained in the database, and refund capability is provided that does not require the customer to resupply the card number.

Continuity Spectrum provides state-of-the-art registration capabilities that simplify the most complex organization's registration requirements.

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