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The systems Continuity Spectrum uses; the technical knowledge you need to have

The Continuity Spectrum database runs on the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or 2012 platform.  All information used in the system is contained within the single database, which has a correct relational design, clear English table and field names, and open, commented stored procedures.  The SQL Server platform provides a secure, login-controlled environment for your data, and powerful backup and maintenance tools for the database.

The Continuity Spectrum client software for your staff is an application for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP.  Some colleges and universities use Windows Terminal Services or Citrix to host the application, creating a web or "thin client" that provides the "rich client" functionality of the Continuity Spectrum interface to Microsoft, Apple, and Unix platforms.

Your students and clients access Continuity Spectrum through a set of dynamic web pages hosted on an IIS server.  Your web staff can integrate these pages into your web environment to conform to your institution's look and feel (fonts, graphics, etc.)   All are provided as open, commented pages; this permits you to design your web environment as you wish (including course, certificate, or conference specific "portal" pages) while using secure database connections to support the e-commerce capabilities of the Continuity Spectrum database.  Web pages have "execute only" privileges on a set of web-specific stored procedures, isolating web activity to the greatest degree possible.

The vast majority of our colleges and universities operate and maintain their own servers, which insures that all information is retained within the institution according to their internal and/or state privacy requirements.  The Continuity Spectrum systems have also been hosted on servers operated by third party providers; Plexus Systems does not provide hosting services.

During Continuity Spectrum implementation, some institutions migrate customer and course information from their old systems.  If this is desired, you should be able to identify and extract the information you wish to migrate; often, data migration requires a commitment to manual cleanup of old data.

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